SGA Tunes Pianos




WOOSTER- Five pianos located in several dorms across campus were tuned today after SGA gave a generous donation to get them back in working order. The piano’s, many of which are beautiful baby-grands, have been sitting in dorms with little use. SGA Senators spoke with Residence Life to offer assistance.

“I think this would be a great service to the students,” said Christie Kracker, Director of Residence Life, after being informed of SGA’s intentions,“We have wanted to do maintenance of the pianos but with so much to upgrade in the halls they have been lower on our priority list the past few years.”

SGA made the decision after hearing numerous students voice their desire to be able to utilize the instruments in their dorms.

“As someone with a deep love for the piano, and a passion for music, I couldn’t be more grateful to the SGA for providing such a beautiful gift to the students,” said Molly Bennett, a First Year at the College.

“We have already heard so many comments from students about how wonderful it is to have music playing in their dorms,” said Josh Koch, Secretary of Special Services. “I think this is a testament to what SGA can provide when students speak up.”


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