At Large Senators


Steven Hardy

Hometown: St. Paul MN (best place ever)

Major: Chemistry

Minor: Youtube Studies

Other Activities: Swimming, dabbling in the fine art of Peruvian banana origami.

Why I wanted to be in SGA: I enjoy being envolved in interfacing with the students and the higher-ups that actually make this campus function, hopefully making the College of Wooster a better place for everyone in the process.

Jordan McNickle

Hometown: Elyria, OH

Major: Philosophy

Other Activities: Xi Chi Psi, Orientation Committee, Phi Sigma Tau, Job in the Student Employment Office on campus.

Why I wanted to be in SGA: I wanted to get more involved on campus and to try and get things done for the student body.  I felt that I could positively affect the campus by involving myself in student government and engaging in the dialogue between students representatives and the administration.

Maggie Kotraba

Hometown: Saint Louis, Missouri

Major: Political Science

Other Activities: In addition to being an SGA Senator, I am a member of the sorority Zeta Phi Gamma.

Why I wanted to be in SGA: As a  member of SGA I strive to be well informed and tuned into what is going on around campus and use my knowledge to pass along accurate information to my peers. My goal as a senator is to be a voice for the student body and help to create positive change for the entire campus community by acting as a line of communication between other students and the administration.

Not pictured: Jacob Oppler