At Large Senators

 Jared Berg


Hometown: Chagrin Falls, OH

Major: History

Minors: Education, WGSS

Other Activities: Wooster Voice, Spectrum, W.O.O.

Joined SGA: ” For academic affairs, campus climate, mental health services, sexual assault policy, and affordability.”

Kenya Hines


Hometown: Youngstown, OH

Major: Sociology

Other Activities: Women of Images, Black Student Association (BSA), C3, FYPC

Joined SGA: “To advocate for the student body and improve relationship between faculty and students.”

Spencer Gilbert


Outreach and Diversity Chair

Hometown: Shaker Heights, OH

Major: Political Science

Minor: Chemistry

Other Activities: ResLife, J-Board, and Soup and Bread

“I became a member because I passionate about representing student opinions to the administration”

Liz Kantra


Student Services Co-Chair

Hometown: Chagrin Falls, OH

Major: Biology

Minor: English

Other Activities: Women’s soccer, Equestrian Club, Woo Ski Club

“I joined SGA in order to become ‘a bigger voice’ on campus.”

Molly Laubernds

Hometown: Detroit, MI

Other activities: Swim team member, Social Chair of Catholic Campus Ministries

“I joined SGA in order to help make SGA more accessible to all students on campus.”


Sophie Nathanson


Hometown: Denver, CO

Major: Neuroscience

Other Activities: W.A.C. Film Director, Girl Scouts, k(no)w

“I became a member of SGA to give students a strong voice among the administration. I also wanted to be an active member in Wooster’s community.”

Sebastian Northrup 


Major: Business Economics 

Minor: French

Other Activities: Jenny Investment Club, Venture Capital Club, Ice Hockey Team, Phi Sigma Alpha

“Help bring issues to the table that I see around campus. Specifically Budget Committee, as well as helping the Wellness Center provide resources.”

Hanh Pham


Hometown: Atlanta, GA

Major: Communications

Other Activities: Women of Images, BSA, and Multi-Ethnic Student Council

I wanted to became an SGA senator to make sure I am doing everything I can to advocate for change on campus.” 

Lauren Pugliese


Student Services Co-Chair

Hometown: Libertyville, IL

Major: Sociology

Minor: Urban Studies

Other Activities: Wooster Volunteer Network executive board member/ co-housing chair for WVN housing program, Orchestra, Spanish Tutor, Admissions Lunch Host, Off- campus volunteer work at People to People.

“I love being on SGA because it’s great to make positive changes on this campus. My main goal for this term is to make the shuttle bus system more user-friendly.”

Jojo Tang


Major: Mathematics and Business Economics

Minor: German Studies

Other Activities: ISA Public Relations, CSSA Public Relations

“Reach out to different and diverse group of student body and raise voice for these students.”

Giorgia Trumunto

Major: Business Economics

Other Activities: Box Office Employee, Investment Club, and Food Committee.

“To further connect campus with a better ResLife/SGA/Food committee connection and produce a internet hub where students can ask questions that have to do with these groups.”

Avi Vajpeyi


Hometown: Calcutta, India

Major: Computer Science and Physics

Other Activities: Security employee, South Asia Club Co-Chair, Table Tennis Club treasurer

“I joined the SGA because I want to help make the SGA serve as a bridge for communication between the student body and the college faculty by bringing forward issues of concern/interest and taking information back to student constituents, and to make The College of Wooster meet the needs of the students better.”

Rachel Woods


Hometown: Cleveland, OH

Major: Africana Studies

Other Activities: W.A.C. Cultural Director, Women of Images, BSA, Shades of Gold, and Word Up

“Being a member of SGA brings awareness to the presence of students of color on The College of Wooster’s campus”

Caitlin Ziegert McCombs


Hometown: Granville, OH

Major: Sociology

Other Activities: Ultimate Frisbee Team, Pi Kappa, Tour Guide, Wooster Volunteer Network

“I became a member of SGA to improve the relationship and understanding between administration and the student body. Also to promote more involvement and engagement from the student body.”