Class of 2015 Senators


Joshua Foerst

Hometown: Streetsboro, OH

Major: Mathematics

Other Activities: Eleventh Hour Saxophone Quartet, Wooster Jazz Ensemble, Assistant Receptionist at the Office of Admissions, RA in 4th floor Bissman, Scot Marching and Symphonic Bands

Why I wanted to be in SGA: I was involved in a lot of clubs during high school and I found that it was important for me to continue my involvement in Student Government here at Wooster. An upperclassman friend of mine would often talk about his involvement as Vice President of SGA and it made me want to run all the more. Most importantly, though, I wanted to represent the voice of my class on the issues that arise on campus that are dealt with by SGA.

Kristina Shiavone

Hometown: Canton, OH

Major: Chemistry

Minor: Spanish

Other activities: Through SGA I am a member of the Education Policy Committee (EPC), co-chair of the academic affairs committee, and I also work as a student athletic trainer in the Athletic training room.

Why I wanted to be in SGA: I really wanted to take all of the ideas I had for our campus and make them come to life! I found that the best way to do so was by getting involved and making my voice heard. Of course, I dedicate the initial discovery of SGA to my dear friend Josh Koch, if it were not for him, I would not be where I am today representing the class of 2015.

Daniel Moon

Hometown: Seoul, South Korea

Major: Neuroscience

Other activities: Greek Life & Photography Club

Why I wanted to be in SGA: I wanted to be more involved in the student community. I believe I can incorporate my opinions and abilities into the student body and make changes in a positive direction. I have a genuine curiosity for how the school runs and operates, and so I figured that by becoming a part of student government, I’d be able to learn the ins and outs of our college. I also wanted to add diversity to the group, but above all, be the change that our student body sees.

Goals for SGA this year: I hope to interact with the figureheads of this school and be identified as a responsible and dedicated individual. By working hard, I hope to develop myself into a responsible leader. Above all, I hope to inspire and produce quality results that take our institution in a positive direction. Progression is ultimate goal, and I am determined to make slow and steady changes that aid this objective.