Class of 2018 Senators


Jordan Oulette 

Hometown: Akron, OH

Major: Biology

I want to make SGA more accessible to the student body and create a more tight knit student body.

Other Activities: Alpha Gamma Phi, Dance Company

Margaret Sestito

Hometown: Pittsburgh, PA

Major: Political Science and Business Economics

I hope to see myself, as a member of SGA, become more involved and informed on campus events and decisions. I want to act as a voice for the students and help encourage conversations between administration and students.

Other Activities: Sophomore Research, Tour Guide, Chinese Language

Randall Turner

Hometown: Moreland Hills, OH

Major: Biology

I want to be able to get more students involved on campus as well as help to increase the efficiency of getting information to students.

Other Activities: Phi Sigma Alpha, Pre-health Club, Health Coach Program.